Each week we work on identifying a letter of the alphabet and its sound. As part of our work each week the students look for that letter in a one-page story. They try to find as many of the week's letter as they can. We spend about 10 to 15 minutes on this in centers. Please review this paper when it comes home with your child. Helping your child with this is a great way to improve letter recognition and print tracking skills. Please practice sight words with your child.

Please read to or listen to your child read daily. 

April 15-19 We will review uppercase and lowercase M, N and their sounds.  We will listen to the stories To RabbittownDaisy and the Egg, and Easter Eggs Everywhere. We will work on:                                         rhyming words                                        identifying sight words                                        beginning sounds                                        ending sounds                                        syllables                                        three letter short e word. We will also work on kid writing. Students draw and then write about it using "kid writing". An adult then writes the "adult way" for them.

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Dates may change due to pacing.