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This Week's Concepts 

Number: Number 17

Letter: Review letters Ii, Jj, Kk, Ll

Shape: Review Circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, heart, rhombus/diamond, star, trapezoid

Sight words: a, I, see, can, the, and, go, love, likes, like, it, is, to, my, he, me, she, we, at, am, an, are, for, you, this
Kid writing


Please remember to check your child's folder daily.  Remove completed work and return any completed forms and/or other communication in your child's folder.  
Please send T-shirt for dyeing, filled plastic eggs for hunt, and Fun day form by Friday.

Friday, April 12- Show and Tell- Bring an item beginning with /i/, /j/, /k/, or /l/.

Zoo Day 2019

Please go over the work your child brings home in his/her folder each day.  Ask your child to tell you about what he/she did.  If any work is incomplete it may be finished at home to reinforce skills. 

Friday- Bring /i/, /j/, /k/, or /l/ Show and Tell item.

Work on K4 Goals

Practice sight words daily (a, I, see, can, the, and, go, love, like, likes, to, my, he,  is, it, me, she, we, at, am, an, are, for, you, this).