This website is a tool to help you to be aware of what is going on in school each week.  You can find out about what we are doing in each class by clicking on the subjects to the left.  

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Back to School 2019

Tuesday, Oct. 22-  Science vocabulary quiz 2.2 and 2.3  You can review vocabulary on Quizlet by clicking the following link https://quizlet.com/_79o0yq
Thursday, Oct. 24-  Science Test- Hot Water, Cold Water
Friday, Oct. 25-  Camp Hamilton Fall Fest
*Return permission slips to go to Camp Hamilton Fall Fest


Monday, Oct. 21- Study science vocabulary, Home Math Link 2.3
Tuesday, Oct. 22Math Home Link 2.4
Wednesday, Oct. 23Math Home Link 2.5, Study for science test 
Thursday, Oct. 24-  Math Home Link 2.6
Friday, Oct. 25- No Homework

 Bring a healthy snack every day.